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In 2020-2021, University of Cambridge and the LSE, in collaboration with Birkbeck, Oxford, Reading and UCL, will run a cross-university seminar series for students.

The aim of this group is to allow students to explore topics that fall outside the core undergraduate family law syllabus in a collaborative environment. Each session will focus on a pre-circulated paper, giving students a chance to discuss ideas and develop their knowledge under the guidance of some of the country’s leading family law experts.

Sessions will be run over Zoom on a monthly basis throughout the year. For information on how to sign up, please contact the course leader at your institution:

  • Birkbeck, University of London: Professor Daniel Monk
  • Oxford University: Dr Rachel Taylor
  • The London School of Economics: Dr Sarah Trotter
  • University College London: Dr Rob George
  • University of Cambridge: Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn
  • University of Reading: Professor Therese Callus

Thursday 22 October, 1-2pm: "Should we abolish legal gender?"

Claire Fenton-Glynn, University of Cambridge:

Required reading:

Laurie Shrage, 'Does the government need to know your sex?' (2012) 20 Journal of Political Philosophy 225–247. 

Thursday 12 November, 1-2pm: "Where should we look when we look for 'Family Law?'"

Sarah Trotter, London School of Economics:

Required reading:

Nikolas Rose, 'Beyond the Public/Private Division: Law, Power and the Family' (1987) 14(1) Journal of Law and Society 61-7

Thursday 3 December, 1-2pm: "Autonomy and Family Law"

Therese Callus, University of Reading:

Required Reading:

A.Diduck, 'Autonomy and vulnerability in family law: the missing link' in J.Wallbank, J.Herring (eds.), Vulnerabilities, Care and Family Law (Routledge 2014)

Thursday 21 January: "Should parents be allowed to home educate their children?"

Daniel Monk, Birkbeck, University of London:

Required reading:

Daniel Monk, 'Problematising home education: challenging “parental rights” and “socialisation”' (2004) 24 (4) Legal Studies 568-598

Thursday 25 February, 1-2pm: "The (in)coherence of family law"

Dr Rob George, University College London

Required reading:

John Dewar, "The Normal Chaos of Family Law" (1998) 61 Modern Law Review 467