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The Centre hosts a wide range of events in Cambridge, London and overseas. Practitioner delegates can self-certify CPD points from our events. Some events are closed workshops for project participants and invited discussants only.  Current events are listed in the events calendar

Research Areas

The members of the Centre work across a wide range of topics, including:

  • marriage, civil union and other forms of relationship recognition
  • divorce and relationship dissolution
  • gender – legal status of transsexual, transgender and intersex person
  • property rights and financial remedies during marriage and on divorce
  • legal status of and financial remedies between cohabitants
  • marital agreements
  • child support
  • legal recognition of "carer/dependant" relationships
  • succession
  • domestic violence
  • children’s rights
  • surrogacy
  • adoption
  • child protection
  • family justice system, including access to justice
  • family dispute resolution/settlement mechanisms

Current research projects

Current major projects of the Centre and our members include:

  • Financial settlements on divorce: Miles is continuing her project with Dr Emma Hitchings (University of Bristol), funded by the Nuffield Foundation, examining the outcomes of financial remedy cases on divorce which conclude with a court order, either enshrining a negotiated settlement or (rarely) adjudicating an outcome. The first report from this project, examining the mechanisms whereby parties reach settlement, was published in November 2013.
  • The Legal Status of Intersex Persons: Scherpe together with Prof. Anatol Dutta (University of Regensburg) and Prof. Tobias Helms (University of Marburg) is co-ordinating an international  comparative and interdisciplinary research project, examing the basis for and consequences of a legal gender status other than male or female. An invitation-only workshop will take place at the end of July 2016. This project is supported by the DAAD Cambridge Research Hub with funds from the German Federal Foreign Office (FFO)
  • The Future of Registered Partnerships: Scherpe together with Dr Andrew Hayward (University of Durham) is finalising this international comparative research project, the results of which will be published by Intersentia in 2017. The conference for this project took place in July 2015 (further information can be found here).

Past events

Members of our Centre have been responsible for the organisation of a large number of earlier events and associated research projects including:

  • Brexit and Family Law: joint conference of Cambridge Family Law and the Child & Family Law Quarterly, Cambridge March 2017 (See the speakers and programme)
  • Eastern and Western Perspectives on Surrogacy Conference: Scherpe and Fenton-Glynn together with Prof. Terry Kaan of the University of Hong Kong.
  • The Future of Registered Partnerships: Steinfeld and Keidan (half-day seminar, invitation only), Cambridge June 2016, with Andrew Hayward (University of Durham)
  • The Future of Registered Partnerships, conference Cambridge 2015 (Scherpe, with Andrew Hayward, University of Durham
  • Cross-Border Child Protection, London 2015 (Fenton-Glynn)
  • Marriage Rites and Rights, Cambridge 2014, workshop (Miles, Mody and Probert, under aegis of Cambridge Socio-Legal Group)
  • The Legal Status of Transgender and Transsexual Persons, Hong Kong 2013 (Scherpe)
  • Jahrestagung der Wissenschaftlichen Vereinigung e.V., Cambridge 2011 (Scherpe)
  • 4th Conference of Commission on European Family Law: The Future of Family Property Law in Europe, Cambridge 2010 (Miles/Scherpe, with CEFL organising committee)
  • Marital agreements and private autonomy in comparative perspective, conference and workshop, Cambridge 2009 (Scherpe)
  • Sharing Homes, Dividing Assets, workshop, Cambridge 2008 (Miles and Probert, under aegis of Cambridge Socio-Legal Group)
  • The Legal Status of Cohabitants, Hamburg 2004 (Scherpe and Yassari)