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The Centre hosts a wide range of events in Cambridge, London and overseas. Practitioner delegates can self-certify CPD points from our events. Some events are closed workshops for project participants and invited discussants only. Current events are listed in the events calendar

Research Areas

The members of the Centre work across a wide range of topics, including:

  • marriage, civil union and other forms of relationship recognition
  • divorce and relationship dissolution
  • gender – legal status of transsexual, transgender and intersex person
  • property rights and financial remedies during marriage and on divorce
  • legal status of and financial remedies between cohabitants
  • marital agreements
  • child support
  • legal recognition of "carer/dependant" relationships
  • succession
  • domestic violence
  • children’s rights
  • surrogacy
  • adoption
  • child protection
  • family justice system, including access to justice
  • family dispute resolution/settlement mechanisms
  • empowerment and protection of vulnerable adults

Current research projects

Current major projects of the Centre and our members include:

  • Comparative perspectives on the Law of parenthood: Claire Fenton-Glynn is undertaking a research project comparing the law of parenthood in 24 countries from across 6 continents. This project looks at ways in which parenthood is assigned, how the introduction of artificial reproduction (including surrogacy) has changed the laws in this area, and the ways in which the law is adapting to social changes such as same-sex parenting, male mothers, and three parent families.
  • “What is a family?”: Claire Fenton-Glynn is working with Alice Margaria (Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology) on a research project considering how the family is understood in different disciplines, and according to different theoretical perspectives.