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Dr Debra Wilson, Associate Professor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand (December 2022)

Dr Dafni Lima, Assistant Professor, Durham University, UK (October 2022 – September 2023)

Mr Mark Beuker, PhD Candidate, University of Groningen (April-May 2022)


Dr Alan Brown, University of Glasgow (November-December 2021)

Ms Alix Schulz, PhD Candidate, Heidelberg University, Germany (November-December 2021)

Ms Shéhérazade Elyazidi, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Germany (October-December 2021)

Dr Christiane von Bary, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (August-October 2021)


Dr Clara María Arranz Hierro, Arranz Hierro Abogados (January-April 2020)

Ms Naomi Wiseman, Garden Court Chambers (January 2020)

Ms Katia Nait, PhD Candidate, Paris Est Créteil University, France (January-July 2020)

Mr Mirco Caeran, PhD Candidate, University Ca' Foscari, Venice (January-February 2020)

Dr Pieter Cannoot, Ghent University, Belgium (February-March 2020)

Professor Liping Wang, Law School of Shandong University (Qingdao), China (March-August 2020)


Elizabeth Stuart Perry, LL.D doctoral candidate in law at Umeå University, Sweden (May 2019)

Bettina Heiderhoff, Director of the Institute for German and International Family Law at the University of Münster, Germany (May-June 2019)

Farrah Ahmed, Associate Professor at Melbourne Law School, Australia (July 2019)

Rieneke Stelma-Roorda, PhD Candidate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands (July 2019)

Professor Mary Keyes, Griffith Law School, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia (July 2019)

Dr John Eldridge, Sydney Law School, University of Sydney, Australia (August 2019)


Samuel Fulli-Lemaire, Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law (March 2018)

Professor Josep Ferrer-Riba, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) (March-July 2018)

Professor Mark Henaghan, University of Otago (New Zealand) (June 2018)

Sarah Hansen, PhD candidate, Queens University (Northern Ireland) (June 2018)

Pablo Quinzá Redondo, Assistant Professor of Private International Law, University of Valencia (July-December 2018)

Jianghao Xia, PhD candidate, Peking University, China (October 2018-October 2019)


Dr Marjolein van den Brink, Utrecht University School of Law, Netherlands (January 2017)

Dr Christine Quinan, Utrecht University, Gender Studies  (January 2017)

Katrine Fredwall, PhD student, University of Oslo, Norway (March-April 2017)

Professor Belinda Fehlberg, University of Melbourne, Australia (Summer 2017)

Tobias Thielmann, PhD student, Heinrich-Heine University, Duesseldorf, Germany (Aug-Oct 2017)

Professor Dr Thomas Eeg, University of Bergen (May 2017)

Dafni Lima, PhD student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Greece (March-June 2017)

Helen Ladret, Hampton, Winter and Glynn (Hong Kong) (July 2017)

Mark Beuker, University of Groningen (The Netherlands) (July-September 2017)

Anne Cheung, University of Hong Kong (July 2017)


Professor Bill Atkin, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (Sept 2016)

Professor Elsje Bonthuys, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa (Oct 2016)

Lisa Yarwood, Law Commission of New Zealand (August 2016)

Dr Debra Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand (1 Jun - 29 Aug 2016)

Sergi Morales Martinez, PhD student, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, Spain (Apr - Jul 2016)

Professor Jessica Palmer, Associate Professor at Otago University (July 2016)

Hannah Roggendorf, PhD student, Philipps-Universität, University of Marburg, Germany (Mar 2016)