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Dr Marjolein van den Brink is a lecturer in law at the Utrecht University School of Law, where she works for the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) and participates in the Utrecht Centre for European Research into Family Law (UCERF). Her research focuses on issues of biased law, privilege and non-discrimination. She is currently involved in two major research projects. Together with dr. Christine Quinan (Gender Studies, Utrecht University) she is working on ‘The GIRARE Project’ (Gender Identity Registration and Human Rights Effects), exploring relationships between changes in sex registration practices and human well-being. Tensions between new legislation and long-standing social attitudes are an important focus of the project, as is the interaction between invocations of human rights discourses and changes to the institutionalization of binary conceptions of sex and gender. The research stay in Cambridge (January 2017) was used to work on this project. A second interdisciplinary project Marjolein and Christine are currently engaged with, is looking into the intersection of gender, sexuality and contemporary migration.