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Inside Family Law

The "Inside Family Law" Project is jointly organised by Claire Fenton-Glynn (University of Cambridge) and Leanne Smith (University of Exeter).

The aim of the project is to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of central issues in family law, as explained by experts from universities across the United Kingdom. Each video is accompanied by a text that provides further resources, allowing viewers to continue to explore the topic through relevant caselaw and academic articles.

We hope that these resources will allow viewers to better understand some of the key debates in this area of the law, both from an academic perspective, and how these principles operate in practice.

Marriage & Civil Partnership

'The Evolution of Civil Partnership in England and Wales'

Dr Andrew Hayward, Durham University

Further resources

'Beyond Conjugality: Should sexual relationships continue to be privileged in law?'

Professor Nicola Barker, University of Liverpool

Further resources

Divorce & Nullity

'Royal Divorce: Taking Melodramas Seriously'

Daniel Monk, Birkbeck, University of London

Further resources

Financial relief on Divorce

'Financial provision and the stereotype of the golddigger and the meal ticket for life through a feminist lens'

Sharon Thompson, University of Cardiff

Further resources

'Financial remedies on divorce: what about the majority?'

Emma Hitchings, University of Bristol

Further resources


Family Justice

'Parental Substance Use and Family Justice'

Simon Flacks, University of Westminster

Further resources


'Men giving birth, children with three parents, and other future family law problems'

Professor Jens Scherpe, University of Cambridge

'Birth Registration in England and Wales'

Mr Liam Davis, University of Bristol

Further resources

'The Regulation of Surrogacy'

Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn, University of Cambridge

Further resources

Parental Responsibility

'Unravelling Parental Responsibility'

Rob George, University College London

Further resources

Private Law Disputes

Children’s Rights

Child Protection

'Re J - Uncertain Perpetrators in Child Protection Cases'

Dr Brian Sloan, University of Cambridge

Further resources


'Children's Rights and Adoption'

Julie Doughty, Cardiff University

Further resources

'Fathers in adoption proceedings'

Dr Brian Sloan, University of Cambridge

Further resources