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Jianghao Xia

Jianghao Xia is a PhD candidate and research assistant at Law Faculty, Peking University, China. Her research interests in family law include family property, marital agreements and children’s rights. She has acted as the teaching assistant in LLM courses on Family Law and Contract Law for consecutive three years in Peking University. She has participated in the legislative research on the Guide to Gender Impact Assessment of Policies and Regulations of Beijing and on Quality Promotion Act of Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation. She is one of the core research members of Chinese Philosophy and Social Science Research Project on the Relationship between Family Law and Civil Law under Forthcoming Chinese Civil Code System, and this project will be finished in 2021. Her articles about community debts of spouses, financial remedies on divorces and children’s rights in divorce disputes have been published in several Chinese law journals.

Jianghao is currently carrying out her research on Marital Agreements in the Context of Chinese Civil Code (Chinese) and a Comparative Study on the Best Interests of the Child Principle in Divorce Disputes (English).