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Dr Nicolás Espejo YaksicDr. Nicolás Espejo Yaksic is Researcher at the Centre for Constitutional Studies of the Supreme Court of Mexico, where he leads various projects on constitutional and family law, from a human rights perspective. He is also member of the Editorial Board of the Leiden Children's Rights Observatory, University of Leiden; Visiting Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford University (2019-2021) and coordinator of the International Network on Constitutional Family Law (INCFL). He has worked as a permanent consultant for UNICEF in Latin America and child rights advisor to the Office of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Violence Against Children (SRSVAC) in New York.

Nicolás has extensively researched and taught in the field of human rights in both theory and practice. In the last decade he has focused his work on child rights, including juvenile justice, child abuse and constitutional and family law. Among his most recent publications are “Constitutional Children’s Rights in Mexico” (Constitutionalisation of Children´s Rights, 2020, Intersentia); “Towards the constitutionalisation of Family Law in Latin America” (Cambridge Companion to Comparative Family Law, 2019, CUP) and La Constitucionalización del Derecho de Familia (Supreme Court of Mexico, 2019).