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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Cambridge Family Law hosted half-day seminar on future of civil partnership in UK following decision in Steinfeld and Keidan, June 2016 together with Dr Andy Hayward (University of Durham).

The seminar, which was a follow-up to the conference organised in July of last year with a focus on the situation in England & Wales and Scotland, was attended by academics, practitioners and a representative of the Government Equality Office. Papers were presented by Hayward, Scherpe (Comparative Perspectives on Registered Partnerships), Sloan (Domestic Perspective on Steinfeld) and Helen Fenwick (Durham, Registered Partnerships at Strasbourg and the Implications for Steinfeld).

The findings of the conference and the workshop will be published as Scherpe/Hayward (eds.), The Future of Registered Partnerships by Intersentia in 2017.