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Monday, 12 September 2016

Dr Brian Sloan visited UCERF for two weeks in August 2016. During his visit, he gave a talk on “Formal and Informal Care”, in which he sought to explore the complex relationship between his early work on “Informal Carers and Private Law” and his current project on “Adult Social Care and Property Rights”.

As well as conducting his own research, Brian had meetings with several Centre members on topics of mutual interest. These included discussions with Professor Wendy Schrama on intergenerational solidarity and the redistribution of property of informal cohabitants; with Drs Susanne Burri and Susanne Heeger-Hertter on work and care; with Dr Marjolein van den Brink on gender identity; with Dr Christina Jeppesen-De Boer on the relationship between public and private support mechanisms; with Evelien Verhagen on matrimonial property law; and with Soraya Bou-Sfia on issues of identity in child law.

Brian very much enjoyed his visit to Utrecht and hopes to keep in touch with UCERF and its members in the future.

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