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Monday, 26 June 2017

Joanna Miles is a member of a new group that has been convened, under the joint chairmanship of Francis J and HHJ Hess, to conduct an interdisciplinary review of how pensions are treated on divorce and to produce a Family Justice Council pension guide for the profession and divorcing public.

Pensions on divorce is an area little dealt with by reported case law, and is widely regarded as a difficult area of practice which suffers from a lack of consistency in approach. The Pension Advisory Group comprises a multidisciplinary group of judges, academics, actuaries, financial experts, family and pension lawyers drawn from each branch of the legal profession. As well as meeting in plenary form, the Group has three working groups that will each focus on particular technical areas: the legal working group (of which Miles is a member), the valuation and offsetting working group, and the expert working group. The academic work for the project, for which Hilary Woodward (Cardiff University) is Principal Investigator, has been funded by the Nuffield Foundation. It is hoped that a final report and guide will be available by December 2018.