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Alain Laurent Verbeke is a full Professor of Private Law & ADR, KU Leuven (since 1991) and Visiting Professor of Law Harvard Law School (since 2007). Tenured Professor of Law Tilburg Law School (since 1999) and Professor of Law UCP Lisbon Global School of Law (since 2008).

Teaching family property law, estate planning, notary law, contracts, comparative law, negotiation and mediation in Leuven. Teaching negotiation in Harvard, Lisbon and Tilburg.

At KU Leuven Faculty of Law, Director of Rector Roger Dillemans Family Property Law Institute, and co-director of Institute for Contract Law and Center for Notary Law.

At KU Leuven Faculty of Psychology, co-chair of LCM, Leuven Center for Collaborative Management.

Affiliated with PON, the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Received KBC Chair in Family Wealth (Antwerp Management School, 2014-2015), Francqui Chair (University of Brussels, VUB, 2010-2011) and G. Van Oosterwyck Chair (VUB, 2002-2003).

Attorney at the Bar of Brussels, Partner Greenille by Laga-MDP Deloitte, Private Client Practice on Family Enterprise Consulting and Wealth Planning.