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Thomas Eeg is professor, dr juris, at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen, Norway.

Cand.jur. (Master of Laws) since 1990, Admission to the bar since 1992. Dr. juris 2004. Previously deputy advocate, and assistant and associate professor in Bergen. Lecturer in succession law (1995-), Course coordinator family and succession law (2004-). Supervising master and Ph.D. students of family and succession law. Leader of the project: “Succession Law: Challenges and Potential regarding regulating the Transfer of Property on Death in changing Society”, financed by the Norwegian Research Council. Leader of the faculty’s research group for family and children law, succession law and law of persons (2010-). Lecturer in succession law at the Norwegian Adult Education Association (1998-2012), and at the University of Agder (Kristiansand, 2014-). Member of the Norwegian appeals committee of gender equality (1995-1999). Author and editor of books and articles on family, property and succession law matters, including a Ph.D. thesis on the division of property between spouses after divorce. Organizer of national and international seminars and workshops in family and succession law. Speaker at international conferences on family and succession law matters. Member of the international advisory board for the world congress on adult guardianship (2016).