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Frederik Swennen is professor of family law & kinship studies at the University of Antwerp. He also is research director of the research group Personal Rights & Property Rights, one of the Faculty’s research groups.

His research topics and projects mainly concern new kinship studies and private ordering in family law. He is promoter of a Scientific Research Network of the Research Foundation Flanders (2015-2019) RETHINKIN - Rethinking legal kinship and family studies in the Low Countries, and co-promoter of the University of Antwerp Consortium for Research Excellence (2015-2019) FAMCARE - Family Dynamics & Care.

Frederik Swennen teaches the law of persons and family law in the bachelor degree, and the advanced course, international family law, and family proceedings in the master degree. 

Frederik Swennen was visiting professor or scholar at various Universities and Institutes in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, South Africa and England. He provides services in diverse associations and editorial boards and in several civil society organisations. 

Frederik Swennen is also of-counsel in a niche law firm.