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Marianne Holdgaard Marianne Holdgaard is Professor in family and inheritance law at the School of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Aalborg (since 2009). She came to Aalborg University from Aarhus University, where she earned her PhD, and served as assistant and associated professor.

Holdgaard's recent research has focused on the great variation in concepts of family that are currently applied in different aspects of family law, and how these variations impact the legal rights and protection of citizens. She has also focused on the shifting trend towards legal protecting and recognizing horizontal family connections on the expense of the vertical family connections. Her PhD and subsequent research have made extensive analysis of the application of European human rights law.

Holdgaard is member of the executive council of ISFL. She is the editor of the Danish Journal of Family and Inheritance Law and she is the head of a cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional Center of Family Law, Practices and Policies, FamLaPP. She became member of the cross-disciplinary Nordic research group at the Centre for Advanced Study in Oslo, 2014-15. She is currently at the advisory board on Materializing Kinship; Department of Social anthropology, Oslo University.