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Brenda Hale is the most senior woman judge in the United Kingdom. She became a High Court Judge in 1994, after a varied career as an academic lawyer at the University of Manchester and a member of the Law Commission (a statutory body which promotes the reform of the law). In 1999 she was promoted to the Court of Appeal and in 2004 to the appellate committee of the House of Lords, then the top court for the whole United Kingdom. In 2009, it was replaced by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, of which she has been Deputy President since 2013. Her principal academic and judicial interests are in family, social welfare and equality law. Among her many publications are Mental Health Law (5th edition 2010), Women and the Law (with S Atkins, 1984), The Family, Law and Society: Cases and Materials (with David Pearl, Elizabeth Cooke, and Daniel Monk, 6th edition, 2009), From the Test-Tube to the Coffin: Choice and Regulation in Family Life (1996). She is President of the United Kingdom Association of Women Judges and a past President of the International Association of Women Judges.